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Municipality Level Fleet Management

Lisa Carter, Regional Sales Manager at Merchants Fleet Management talks about public sector fleet management at the municipal level.

Manufacturers' Build-out and
Start-up Dates

Get the best vehicles for your fleet

Stay up-to-date on the various manufacturers' build-out and start-up dates for U.S. cars and U.S. trucks. Please be aware these dates change regularly.

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the Fleet report

The Merchants Fleet Management Newsletter, Fleet Report, contains valuable insights into commercial leasing and fleet management issues.

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leasing solutions that will take your fleet as far as it can go.

Closed-End Lease


Our closed-end fleet lease eliminates price volatility in the marketplace with predictable expenses and cash flows for the term of the lease. There’s no need to worry about rate fluctuations or seasonal resale influences.

OPEN-End Lease


At Merchants, we’re experts in helping you minimize the risks to consider with an open-end lease agreement with expert counseling and maximum end of lease options.



Short-Term Leasing

With custom mileage options and flexible terms starting at as little as two months and up to a year, we’ll work with you to understand your short-term vehicle requirements and develop a leasing program that best suits your specific needs.

FLEET Management

To keep your fleet on the road, you need the right fleet solutions. And we've got all the fleet management services you need: maintenance, roadside assistance, competitive fleet insurance, and much more.



No matter what your needs are, we offer a variety of fleet leasing options to build the fleet lease that makes the most sense with your financial goals in mind. We also offer fleet solutions to fit you fleet management needs.


FLEET Technologies

Whatever the time or wherever you are, FleetAccess lets you keep up-to-the-minute with your fleet. FleetAccess is the ultimate online fleet management tool, giving you a window to your fleet’s status 24 hours a day.


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Merchants Fleet Management specializes in developing total fleet leasing solutions for businesses and government agencies. As your fleet management partner, Merchants Fleet Management provides tailored fleet leasing programs and fleet management solutions to fit your needs.